You've decided to put your faith in Jesus.  It's the best decision you have ever made.  He has made such a big difference in your life that you want to tell others about Him, but how?Many of us want to share our faith but struggle to do it well. It's not as difficult as we are making it. In this series we'll discover that it can be as easy as telling someone, 'You can sit with me.'

Week ONE

What if we've made sharing our faith harder than it needs to be. In week one of 'You Can Sit with Me' we'll learn that telling others about Jesus is something to enjoy not to fear.


How long does it take to change another person’s life for the better? Jesus modeled a style of influence that was surprisingly brief but incredibly powerful. Discover that you have countless opportunities everyday to help someone take their next step toward God.


Surveys show on average we have 27 interactions and meet three new people every single day. That's a lot of people and a lot of opportunities to share God's goodness with others. In this message we look at 3 simple steps to help move these short interactions into significant encounters.