Lance & Una Tweedie

Lance and Una Tweedie are passionate about the Kingdom of God and leading people into a greater experience of God’s grace and goodness.

Lance Tweedie is our Lead Pastor. His personal mission is to help people encounter God, be equipped by His Word, and empowered by His Holy Spirit to live a life that celebrates God!

Una is Lance’s Spirit-filled partner in life and ministry; she has strong gifts of faith, prayer, discernment and exhortation, as well as administration; she works closely with Lance and the executive ministry team.

Lance and Una enjoy helping people know God, experience authentic community, discover their purpose and make a difference with their lives. They believe that God is good all the time and that He has a plan and purpose for everyone, “Made on purpose, for a purpose.”

They have two children, Aiden and Brianna, and live in Brantford, Ontario, where Celebration Church is based. They are passionate about leading people to encounter God’s goodness and grace for themselves and then helping them discover and realize God’s unique plan for their life.

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