Welcome to Celebration Students

 Our youth programs create opportunities for students to gather under one name – Jesus. We believe that by creating unique environments in the local church, students are excited to hear the word of God, be challenged by its truth & encouraged by leaders as well as their peers in their walk with Christ! Whether you are new to the church or you’re seeking additional opportunities to go deeper into your relationship with God, Celebration Students has a place for you!

VIVID YOUTH // Grades 6 - 8

Join Vivid Youth every Friday night at 7PM. Vivid is an exciting place for grades 6-8 to gather and hang out. Every night is full of epic games, fantastic snacks, great new friends, and opportunity to explore what Jesus has to say to you about how to navigate your life.

What to expect?
Doors open at 6:55PM and the fun starts right away! Game stations are set up for those who want to start playing right away, or there is space to just hangout with your friends.

Every week we have an epic set of games to play. No night's game is the same, ranging from classics like dodgeball, to throwing pumpkins from balconies!

Then we have a short relevant talk about what following Jesus looks like for youth today, followed by a chance to gather in small groups to share. Our small groups are where friendships are formed and lives are changed!

Every night concludes with some awesome snacks and more sweet games until parents arrive at 9!

First Friday 
The first friday of every month we throw an extra epic party! Bring all of your friends for a night of awesome games complete with prizes and over the top snacks! This is the perfect week to check us out and bring all of your friends!

IMPACT YOUTH // Grades 9 - 12

Join Impact Youth every Wednesday night at 7PM. Impact is where we come together as a community. This is our time to discuss real issues covering relevant topics, make friends and make a different, and maybe even play some dodge ball.

What to expect?
Our primary small group meets every wednesday at 7 for some awesome games, great hangouts, and awesome conversation as we encourage each other in our walk with Jesus so that we can make an impact in the world!

Wednesday nights hard for you to make? Want to connect with other youth who follow Jesus? Let us know what nights work for you! More small groups form all the time and we will do our best to connect you to an Impact community!

Second Saturday
The second saturday of the month all of our small groups come together for a night of awesome games, epic worship and a talk that explores the challenges of life and how to follow Jesus through it all! Looking to invite some friends, or check impact out for the first time? This is the perfect time to join us!