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More: A Year-Long Exploration

Discover the key to experiencing all of the good things that God has for you as we introduce our 2019 theme.Watch On YouTube InsteadTHE FULL SERIESWATCH THE WHOLE SERIESINTERESTED IN RESPONDING TO SOMETHING THAT WAS SAID IN THE MESSAGE TODAY? MESSAGE PASTOR LANCE TWEEDIE DIRECTLY.E-mail Pastor LanceMORE THAN ENOUGH Discover the key to experiencing all […]

The Disciple Formula

Jesus calls us to go and make disciples – but how? How are you supposed to disciple your neighbour? Your co-worker? What about your kids? Don’t you wish there was a formula for how to make disciples? What if I told you there was?Watch On YouTube InsteadMENTIONEDPARENTING WITH PURPOSE 40 minutes on a Sunday morning […]

Into The Lions' Den

INTO THELIONS’ DEN.Living a Stand-Up Life in a Bow Down WorldStanding up for what is right is hard when you feel like you are standing all alone. Learn to stand strong even when it feels like you are standing all alone.Watch OnlineWalking the Tightrope of Grace and TruthHow do you present difficult but life-changing truth […]

Mother's Day 2019

Mother’s Day 2019In this special Mother’s day message hear about the beauty and importance of being part of God’s family.


REIGN.You were created to know God, to live with purpose, to rule and reign in this life with Him. Many of us are working to become somebody, hoping to find our calling and realize our destiny, only to find ourselves in a never-ending cycle of work. You were made on purpose for a purpose. We […]


Pastor Lance Tweedie

Lance enjoys helping people know God, experience authentic community, discover their God-given design and live with purpose. He believes that God is good all the time and that He has a plan and purpose for everyone, “Made on purpose, for a purpose.”

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