We all start-out as dreamers. We begin with a world full of possibilities in front of us; and then life happens. We get distracted by the details and routine of day-to-day life. We get side-tracked by disappointments and distractions and set our dreams aside. And in the end, most of us never see our dreams become reality. But what if our dreams for our lives are more than dreams? What if they are a glimpse into God’s plan and purpose for your life? What if your dreams are the reason you are here in the first place? In this series you’ll discover God has a dream for your life and how to navigate all of life and see God’s dreams for you become a reality.

It Starts With A Dream

We all start out as dreamers. Maybe that’s by design. Maybe in our dreams, God is revealing his plan and purpose for us and our destiny. In week one of our series on dreaming discover that God has a dream for your life and He is always pushing you in that direction.

Pursuing Your Dreams

God has a dream for your life! But how do you believe for it when your life seems to be falling apart? Discover how difficult seasons can actually move you forward and better prepare you for all that God dreams for you.

In Seasons of Abundance

God has a dream for your life! But how we know if our dream is God’s dream for us? Learn how to pursue God’s dream for your life when life is going well.